What is DevOps?

Devops Nedir?

The definition

To increase agility and quality of software lifecycle, DevOps is a term that calls for closer collaboration between the teams that touch the software lifecycle, namely development and operation teams.

There is a strong connection between agile methodologies and DevOps concept.

Why DevOps?

Apart from the sector we are in, lifecycles of the products that we create shorten. This fact enforces us to develop software faster. Rapidity in the development means more risk in terms of bugs. However, we need to create more reliable software and want to do it fast. DevOps is an approach to answer this need and there are tools and methods to put this approach into practice.

What are the benefits?

It depends on how we apply the concept and how much we are into it but here are the main benefits that we are likely to get;

  • Increase in customer satisfaction and primacy of user experience
  • Lowered costs and increased efficiency; collaboration of development and operation teams will decrease the number of problems that stem from bad communication and non-transparent working environment
  • Faster and less problematic go-live periods
  • Rapid problem solving skills; developing  a preemptive way to deal with bugs, at a time when  they are less costlier to solve
  • Increased awareness of agile software development
  • Increase in the quality of software; in the eyes of the end user software as powerful as the weakest point in it; using DevOps, likelihood of a disproportionately weak point will decrease significantly
  • Increased company ability to deploy software continuously

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Yakup Toraman

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