-21 hours / 3 days – Class Training –

Agile sounds cool but we know that you actually wonder what it means. Join our journey to agile world!

At the beginning of the journey, we cover origin of agile philosophy, comparison with traditional project management methodology, similarities and differences between various agile approaches. We share the secrets of agile evolution with the participants so that they can deeply answer the question is ‘why agile?’ In addition to this, the participants start to acknowledge agile essentials such as principles and values.    

The next stop is the most common agile approach, Scrum in our journey. Despite of the fact that Scrum is mostly regarded as fast response to client requests, we share what Scrum keeps beyond being fast.

It is possible to debate the pros and cons of Scrum. Thus, the participants can see where the mistake is in their methods while trying to find the specific method for their organization.

Lastly, there is a workshop to practice the learned methods theoretically. In this workshop, the participants find opportunity to realize all stages of Scrum lifecyle with an example project. Shortly, this experience ensures understanding how to apply agile techniques.

This training also covers Professional Scrum Foundations with the purpose of training Scrum processes in the most practical way. Because of the fact that techniques, roles and principles are essential for anyone who wants to experience Scrum, it may be regarded as prerequisite of role-focused certification trainings such as Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO), Professional Scrum Master (PSM) and Professional Scrum Developer (PSD).  

Who should attend?

Individuals and teams who want to develop themselves in the working areas of Scrum and project management. Project managers, business analysts, solution architects, developers, development team leaders, testers and so on.

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Certification : PSF
Duration : 3 Days
Categories : Practical Training Class
Who should attend? : Project managers, business analysts, solution architects, developers, development team leaders, testers
Training Dates : Calendar