DevOps in practice: the how

DevOPS Nasıl Uygulanır?

Time to ask the right questions

Like any other cultural change, DevOps requires a real mindset shift.  It won’t happen overnight and like all good things it doesn’t come free, we have to pay for it.

Most of the time the need is not obvious, at least not for everyone. So we are asking questions; is there a real business need for it? Are we as an organization willing to change? Are we able to make that change happen? Is that the panacea that we are looking for?

Answering the aforementioned questions and ensuring that every stakeholder shares the same goal about DevOps is a good start. It shows that we are mentally ready for a cultural change.  

DevOps in practice

There is no single framework to put DevOps concept into practice. However, here are some guidelines to follow;

  • Human factor is important, understand that applying the concept requires more than using some development and deployment tools
  • Promote collaboration; make sure that everyone is involved in the game, convince that there is real business need for it and everyone will get benefit out of it
  • Whether you are developing code or testing be as close as possible to live environment; use automated tests and test non-functional characteristics of the application in addition to functional ones
  • Create communication channels to take early and often customer feedback
  • Have version control and change management tools in place
  • Climb the ladder; continuous integration, continuous testing, continuous delivery, continuous deployment,
  • Monitor the process, spot where the problems are and address them

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