First an assessment needs to be conducted to ascertain the Agile Level of your company. Through this assessment our Agile Coaches and the Agile Managers, responsible for the smooth and balanced transition to Agile methodologies, will identify Agile practices and tools considering company culture, team dynamics and structure and technologies, tools used in your company.

Assessment consists of employee surveys with participation of every level from company hierarchy to increase the validity of end results. Besides interviews with teams and meetings on executive level will be conducted.

Some of the assessment outcomes would be:

  • Agility level of the company
    • What are the most appropriate Agile practices your company should apply in the projects?
    • What level of Agility should your company be aiming to achieve?
    • Which actions can your company take to provide a basis for a higher Agility level?
  • Identification of company culture, team structure, as well as the current processes
    • What is the best path to a more Agile culture and mindset considering your current company culture?
    • How can we support the teams to transform the their culture in order to constitute a more collaborative and transparent way of working?
    • Which part of your current development processes are working well and how can we enhance the parts using Agile practices?
  • Main drivers for adopting Agile methodologies.  
    • Where do you want to become more Agile and Lean? And why?
    • What are the critical areas for improvement the company executives have been identified, where Agile adoption can really make a difference?
  • Business goals and visions.
    • What are the business objectives and benefits you are envisioning through a successful agile adoption?
    • What are the success criteria of adopting Agile methodologies? When do you consider the Agile Adoption outcomes as successful?
    • How can Agile foster to realize the company goals?




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