After the Pilot project has successfully being closed and the benefits of the approach is also consented at executive level, the step would be to expand this approach on more company projects.

At this point this best practice, which have been actively tested against company culture and processes and matured through iterations, will be expanded on more company projects.

The whole process at Agile pilot project and the Agile adoption phase will be improved through retrospectives and continuous improvements on the Agile process. As the any kind of impediments and issues during the project are being experienced and resolved directly by the team, the Agile process of your company always corrects and improves itself in an efficient and rapid way.

All4Agile team reassesses the Pilot Project results along with all collected data throughout this process and sorts out the few Agile practices which are most easy and suitable to be adopted into other Pilot projects as a company wide roll out.

The Agile trainings will be provided company-wide to enable all future Pilot project team members become more familiar with Agile practices.

The most important aspect of becoming Agile is not only consider Agile as a set of practices, but rather to adopt Agile mindset in all teams and to understand the main Agile principles like delivering working software early and frequently, letting business and developers work together and always keeping an eye on business value while making project decisions. Our Agile coaches with years of Agile project experience will transfer their knowledge on those practices during all project cycles, ceremonies and trainings. Not only to ensure the project success, but also to train potential Agile coaches to pursue success of newly introduced methodologies in your company, especially to keep the Agile success permanently within the projects after the Agile transformation is completed.

If you decide to reorganize your company to incorporate Agile methodologies and reshape company processes and regulations accordingly, the we step into the phase to finalize the Agile transformation for you company. Here we will be working out a strategy and a roadmap to transform all company processes with all related departments, like Compliance, Human Resources and Risk. Also here we will be coaching you along with the transformation steps in executive and technical level.